250px-Sector Zero
Sector Zero appears only in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier. It is where ace pilots come to die. Despite the fact that the area is completely destroyed by a vortex and haunted by ghost ships. Sector Zero is also home to a Precursor Statue. Jak and Daxter have to fly to Sector Zero to retrieve the third coordinate sphere. Emerging from the vortex, Jak and Daxter find a nasty surprise waiting. Duke Skyheed's flagship vessel attacks the Phantom Blade and Jak and Daxter must do what's necessary to protect it from the Behemoth. Much like at Brink Island, Lee Sideswipe is ready to challenge new pirates in a race to see who can shoot the most targets. Sector Zero is also home to Ghost Ships and fly in pairs.


There are three main parts in Sector 0.

Flight AreaEdit

This is a place where the Phantom Blade docked for a while, and where Jak can fly around and race Dirk Hardpeck, or defeat ghost pirates.


This is a huge vortex, where Jak goes to try to find a precursor sphere.


This is the place you enter right before continuing in the vortex, this is basically the entrance for the vortex.


You can find ghost sky pirates to attack for scrap. You can also find drifter bots here.


This is basically where all destroyed enemies and vehicles go, for recycling.