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Old Aeropan Barracks

The Old Aeropan Barracks is a location in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier. It's main purpose is unknown but it can be assumed that it is used for military purposes and Dark Eco Experimentation. Jak and Daxter travel here to retrieve Eco Seeker piece.

The Aeropan Barracks is very secure and contains vast amounts of Dark Eco. This is also the location where Tym and Phoenix reveal their history.


There are 3 main parts in the barracks.

Dark Eco PoolsEdit

These are located throughout the place, but one main pool, and the largest pool is located in the west side of the tower.

Dark Aeropan Warrior's ApartmentEdit

These are located with beds and boxes, and sometimes if you break the boxes, there is a precursor orb in them.

Research Barrack PartsEdit

This is where you reach at the end of the mission, and Phoenix attempts to kill Jak again.



Dark Aeropan Warrior LeaderEdit

Dark Aeropan WarriorsEdit