HCE is a double powered eco fuel. It is used in Eco Vents, Precursor idols, Fuel for Vehicles, and in Ammo and Guns. There are 4 different HCE's, even though there are 6 different types of ecos, dark and light eco is already to powerful to be doubled.

  1. HCBE (high concentrated blue eco)
  2. HCRE (high concentrated red eco)
  3. HCGE (high concentrated green eco)
  4. HCYE (high concentrated yellow eco)

Usage in Eco vendorsEdit

Eco Vents are created when there's a HCE root in the world, and some explosion of volcanic rock or something related and breaks that HCER and thus created an eco vent. They are used to power up eco powers.

Usage for OraclesEdit

Oracles (or Precursor idols), use HCE to power Jak to give him upgraded eco powers.

Usage for Vehicle FuelEdit

HCGE flows throughout vehicles giving them fuel. HCGE could be found by finding a tester of Green Eco from a precursor base, or finding a rare HCGE prism.

Usage for Weapons & AmmoEdit

HCE flows throughout weapon rounds, thus giving the weapon high powered hits.