300px-MH Flying Spider
Ghoul Spiders are enemies in The Lost Frontier. They are spiders that have sticky webs. They have bands around their legs and are not mutants, just overgrown because of their enviornment, it is argued whether Ghoul Spiders are mutants or not. They are found in the Aeropan Sewers

Natural HabbitatEdit

They like to live in dry and yet nonpopulated places.

Life SpanEdit


They try to spit a sticky-web at you, to get you trapped for easy attack, although this is EASY to evade.



Sometimes skinny, and sometimes bold, and bulky and husky (usually bold bulky and husky). They have bands and a big bottom like a black widdow spider.


Ghoul Spiders have no equipment (note: These are found in TPL).


Ghoul Spiders have no special abilties.