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Far Drop is a small town located inside a cavernous area in The Brink. Reasoning for its location at The Brink and its origins are unknown as of yet; however, as it is controlled by the Eco Pirates, it's possible it was founded by them as a base of operations. Their control of the town is marked by a golden statue in the town of their leader, which possibly is Captain Phoenix. When the Dark Ape boss destroys the statue, a golden likeness of Jak and Daxter replaces it.

During the course of TLF, Jak must free Far Drop from an invasion of evil Dark Eco Crystal-like creatures to win the favor and trust (not to mention safety from) the pirates. Far Drop is later on attacked by Aeropa and is pretty much ruined. No pirates are seen trying to protect thier home town. However, following his salvation of Far Drop, Jak can pay certain Pirates in scrap metal to repair various ruined areas. The Pirates will give Jak Precursor Orbs in return.

Far Drop


Eco Pirates Barter Enemies Orphans Saucy Pirate


Mutants, Pirates, Saucy




All (besides light eco)


Save Orphanage Save Tavern Save Cabbages Beat Saucy Pirate


Far Drop is located inside an enormous cave that contains vast amounts of Eco Crystals. The cave also bears a waterfall that comes down from the top to the cave. Outside the cave is an unknown Precursor Structure and a Precursor Statue. Homes are costructed all the way to the top of the cave that holds Far Drop. Most likely the pirates use aeropults to get up there.

Pirate Radio TowerEdit

The Pirate Radio Tower is located on the outer rim of far drop.

Barter's TavernEdit

Barter's Tavern is also major location in Far Drop. Barter's Tavern is run by a Lurker named Barter and is a place where pirates can get a drink. It also has many bar brawls. Their is also an Engine Room. The Engine room is an area that powers Far Drop.

Small OrphanageEdit

A small orphanage is located there.

Cabage PlantEdit

This is a tricky platforming and fast moving place (this is the HARDEST part on far drop).


Ravenous EelEdit

Mutant ApeEdit

Gangster PiratesEdit

Saucy PirateEdit