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The Eco Seeker is a precursor artifact found in The Lost Frontier. It was owned by Chancellor Landon Ruskin, and Emperor Duke Skyheed. Until they granted Jak and Keira ownership for a week. But because the Aeropans then became enemies; Captain Phoenix granted Keira premission to keep it. It has the ability (as it name suggests), to seek eco, and find any major eco source and target large amounts of eco. The eco seeker has some kind of defense against dangerous eco powers. Tym opens it later in the game and it is discovered it is missing 3 peices and a power source. the Light Eco needed to power it is found at the Old Aeropan Barracks. the Three peices are found at the Abandoned Research Rig, Far Drop ( in the hands of the Saucy Pirate) and again at the Barracks. After the Eco Seeker was finished it pointed our hero back to the Research Rig, or rather the Precursor Formations it was built on.

During a Demo of The Lost Frontier and the Developer Interview Jak and Keira were not the only ones intrested in this artifact as Captin Pheonix wants it too.

The Lost FrontierEdit

Original OpenographyEdit

The Chancellor and Emperor (when they were allies of Jak and Daxter and Keira), said that the could be of some asistance, thus Skyheed calling the signal for the Chancellor to show Jak, Daxter and Keira the eco seeker. They told them that it is called the Eco Seeker, and that it is said to point to any major eco source in the world. They had hoped that it would help them find a new eco source, alas - they were unable to make it work. Jak then offered to try, (because.. he has certain abilities). Skyheed and Ruskin said that they know - that they have heard of Jak, (this instantly gave Jak suspision of the Aeropans). Keira then asked if they minded that she study it for a while, but Skyheed and Ruskin said that they have to pass the Danger Course (a gun range that will prove that they are worthy of protecting their sacred artifact). Jak then finished the danger course and they were granted ownership for a week (of course, they soon stole it).


It has the basic precursor artifact body: ([round, transformable, brown and tan, different patches and security slots]). It can pop up once Light Eco is inserted. It has an arrow pointing to the eco source.



  • A precursor artifact at the beginning cutscene of Jak II, it opens a rift gate, this could note that the Eco Seeker could attract and activate rift gates.