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Daxter, is the secondary protagonist, and sits on the right side of Jak's shoulder throughout the game (except for when he's Dark Daxx, or, when he's in "Go For Help Boy!" He adopted by Samos Hagai - The green-eco Sage, he's adopted sister is Keira Hagai. He is an ottsel (otter-weisel), although due to a gene rejected system, these "otter-weisels," have orange fur. He is the long-time best friend of

Jak. Jak is an elf-human, not an ottsel, although, when he was injected with dark-eco, by Baron Praxis at the end of Daxter (game), and at the beginning of Jak II, he should've had a serious dark-eco effect, but instead as a dark-warrior, which was failed. Daxter has been dosed AGAIN, with dark-eco, except this time, he didn't turn into a short-green-hairy dude (like Daxter said he did'nt want to be in TPL), he turned into this eight-foot spikey, dark orange, hairy, mean, hulk-like featured monster. Daxter is portrayed by Max Casella. He has blue eyes, with orange fur. He is voiced by Rich McGonagle as dark-daxx.

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Early LifeEdit

Pre-Precursor LegacyEdit

Not much is known about Daxter's life before the first game, except that he was an orphan, was an elf-human, like Jak.

Precursor LegacyEdit

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In the beginning of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak and Daxter are making their way to Misty Island, the one place Samos told them not to go to.There, Daxter falls into a pool of Dark Eco. When he emerges, he sees that he has paws and a tail. He was turned into an ottsel. Jak and Daxter are then informed that the only person who has a chance at changing Daxter back is Gol Acheron by Samos. They then embark on a quest to the north to find this missing sage. Once they arrive, they find out that Gol and his sister Maia have been corrupted by Dark Eco. As they fight the villains, they see the rare Light Eco, which Daxter thinks may change him back. However, he decides to allow Jak to save the world instead of trying to use it to return him to his normal form but says "do it quickly before I change my mind".

The Lost FrontierEdit


It's been about five years before Daxter, teamed up with Jak, on there crime-fighting adventures.

Daxter went to the brink with Jak to help escort Keira in her quest of becoming a sage. At one point early on, he is doused with Dark Eco, causing him to turn into an eight-foot monster with enhanced melee attacks. Some fans believe this doesn't make sense, because Daxter had already been touched by Dark Eco. He says in Jak 3, "Look at me, Jak; I'm short, I'm hairy, and I itch in strange places. I couldn't do worse." However it could be just the same case as Jak, in that he is unaffected by small amounts of Dark Eco but in contact with large quantities (as in his cases of transformation he was dumped with Dark Eco) he is turned into a Dark creature. His powers include throwing Dark Eco bolts, a ground smash, and a frenzy attack where he spins like a tornado.

The Answere to the "Dark-Dax," TheoryEdit

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The simple answere to that question is, the second dose of dark-eco, is an allergic reaction to the first dose, thus making his muscles swell up.


Note: dark-daxter is technically a Precursor ottsel transformed by Dark Eco, technically making him a Dark Maker. Daxter's dark self goes against the theory that the Dark Makers are Precursor Ottsels in robotic suits because Dark Daxter is at least as tall as Jak, if not taller, and taller and bulkier than the Dark Makers in Jak 3, which means he couldn't fit in a robot suit.



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Daxter (goofy)

Daxter is a cowardess little mouse, who always stays behind Jak's back, always refusing danger. Although, sometimes, Daxter will put on a heroic attitude, even in front of Jak (which he usually never does).

For the most part, Daxter is never serious and goofs around. He always takes the attention, even when he was the one saying NOT to do something. Although on some occasions, Daxter turns on, this, mean lean fighting machine, called dark-dax. Then, he doesn't wan't to stop fighting, as in he says "awww, not fair, i'm not done playin' yet!" Once you finish the first d-dax level.


It has been a running gag, since the first Jak and Daxter game, Daxter has been an ottsel, since he fell in a dark-eco pool. He used to complain about not having pants, althohough the precursor's gave him his wish and gave him "a snazzy pair of those pants!" - Daxter (at the end of Jak 3). An Mustelidae Mustelidae is an otter-weasel. Ott=Otter Sel=Weasel. Although due to a genetic-rejection, his fur, turns orange, instead of brown, or tan, or striped. Although, daxter does have stripes on his wrists, and in some games, his tail.


On the way out of the Danger Course, Daxter fell in a sewage gate, without Jak hearing. Daxter was looking around corners, nervously, half-heartedly, yet, hopfuley. Daxter was shouting for Jak, but just then, a huge pool of Dark Eco poored on him (once again). He then turned into an eight foot, orange-purple, spiky, hairy dangerous monster. He can throw dark-eco energy bolts, spin around in a frenzy, ground 'n' pound, and he can pick up his enemies. Although Dark Daxter cannot jump, he is fast.


Daxter can fix repairs, on your vehicle during dog-fights. When a wing, tail-guard, or the heading cone gets damaged, Daxter will get out, go onto the missing repair, and repair it with 3 repair-patches, although, you can buy more.

Although if you do to much swirving, or too much loopdy loops, or if you get shot again, Daxter will fall off, and fail the job.


"Daxter shouldn't have had any reaction to the second dose of dark-eco. Because in the first game, he already got touched by the dark-eco..." - critics and fans. But the simple answere to that is, the second douse of dark-eco, caused an allergic reaction to Daxter's inner-muscles.


  • In Uncharted Darkes Fortune (another game by NaughtyDog), a person's swim turnks read "ottsel."