Brink Island or The Brink is a major location on the outskirts of the world. It is an Island and boards with an unnamed island, inwhich Tym's study house is located. The volcano splits between the two Islands and there is a rock-room inwhich passing through brings you to the two different islands.


Tym, Uberobo


Sawbots, Drillbots, Uberbots, Armadillo




Yellow, Green, Dark, Red, Blue


Explore The Brink, Velonium PP, UBERbot.


Brink Island consists of two islands on the Brink. The main island contains a volcano and waterfalls. It is first visited by Jak, Daxter, and Keira when they have to make a emergency landing. Jak and Daxter have to find a replacement energy source and explore the island. The second island is bigger than the main island. The second island also contains a volcano and is inhabited by vicious armadillos, sawbots, and Tripodbots. There is also a Castaway that lives on the island. He has a Treehouse on the island which also contains a Hangar.


The main mission near the volcano is to find the Eco Seeker that fell out of the Galleon. During the mission, Jak walks up to a a precursor idol and gets one of his six eco powers, Rocket Jump. This allows him to blast off the ground when standing on a yellow eco vent (you can use this power off a vent but you do not go as high) and get up high walls and continue a mission. After chasing Phoenix around the volcano, Jak is able to find the Eco Seeker and leave the island.

Robots and the CastawayEdit

When the Castaway first got to Brink Island, he created several robots to help him out. However, they all turned against him and started to attack trespassers. The main boss you have to defeat is the Uber-Bot 888 which is the biggest robot on the island. Jak is able to defeat the robot and retrieve the velonium power pod to fix the Hellcat.


Dirk Hardpeck can be found here. If you race him and win, you will get a reward, usually Precursor Orbs or Scrap.


The main enemies are Armadillo, Sawbots, Drillbots, and the Uber-bot 888. Armadillo consist of 3 different types of armadillo, brink armadillo, lava armadillo, and dark armadillo. Saw and Drillbots are walking mini-fridges with weapons on there arms: Ubersaws, Drills, and Eco Pistols.


This was the first major location founded by the precursors.