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Blue Eco is one of the six colors of ecos. It is used for Vulcan Splinters, Eco Reflexes, and Eco Teleport

Vulcan SplintersEdit

Vulcan Splinters are big blue splinters that shoot out multi-fast for the Vulcan Fury. The Vulcan Fury is the third gun mod for the gunstaff. It is a blue mod, and has mid/far-range with the fastest rate of fire; to make a sort of machine gun like feature. It was originally called the Vulcan Barrel, but soon got changed because the Vulcan Fury is fueled with HCBE instead of Blue Eco. It is perfect for groups of enemies. You get it at the Phantom Blade in Keira's workshop.

Eco ReflexesEdit

By using the eco of motion, Blue Eco, Jak can slow down time (or just be moving at extreme speeds)to traverse fast-moving platforms and gives him an advantage over enemies that move very quickly. The fact that Jak is moving very fast or everything is moving very slow is irrelevant, but it could be assumed that the power causes Jak to move at fast speeds due to the fact that Blue Eco speeds the hero in TPL.

Eco TeleportEdit

Eco Teleportation allows Jak to trade places with Precursor Statues in desired places, such as buttons to open doors and/or walls. It is very helpful getting pass electric walls, and skipping enemies, and get to secrets in which are stashed. It is a blue eco power, and is given to Jak at the Abandoned Research Rig. You can activate doors by pressing a button, and trade places with the statue, thus, the statue holding the button for Jak, while he goes through the door. Retrieved from ""