Aeropan Air Craft
The Aeropan Tri-Fighters (or ATFs) are tri nosed fighters driven by no pilot, but controlled by the Aeropan Air-Forces base, located near the old aeropan barracks. They are very simaller to the Tri Fighters in Star Wars.


They have no current history, but appeared as air enemies after Jak's siding with the Eco Pirates.



The Aeropan Tri-Fighter was designed by the Aeropan Colocoid Nest near the north tower of the AAF (Aeropan Air-Forces).

The bracing arms surrounded the droid's advanced artificial brain, housed in a rotating, gyroscopic core. The tri-fighter had three independent thrusters, providing it with great agility, and a powerful reactor and control/commucations transceiver that gave the craft unusual range for a fighter drone.

It was armed with high quality machine guns; protruding from the central ball. They could fire independently or together and could slightly tilt on rail to improve its deadly aim. Two to six missiles of variable payloads were housed within each arm.


A Sky Enemy replacing the Sky Pirates.


Everywhere in the sky wars.