250px-Aeropa Sewers

The Aeropa Sewers were a network of sewage/maintenance tunnels under Aeropa in The Lost Frontier. Due to Aeropa's wealth, the sewage is sterilized, then baked, then rinsed, then goes through a fire teaser, then gets put into the sewage, thus taking the "stink" out of "sewage." The only time you get to go the Aeropan Sewers is in one Dark-dax level. The enemies consist of Ravenous Eels, and Ghoul Spiders. (Note: This area may have replaced the pumping station from Jak II).

History (of Aeropa)Edit

Most of its history remains unknown. The only thing known is that the Aeropans were fighting a war against an unkown threat which they were losing. Duke Skyheed started Dark Eco experiments similar to what Jak suffered in Jak II on his people so that they can win the war. This ultimately led to Captain Phoenix's betrayal, feeling it was unfair that this had to be done on innocents, thus the Eco Pirates were formed. It can be assumed that the Aeropans won the war.



The first couple places are:

Pumping MaintenanceEdit

This is where the bakers are. This place bakes the raw sewage. This is the place where you may have to throw a ghoul spider at a pumper, in order to get pass it.

Control RoomEdit

This is the area with alot of computers.