Abandoned Research Rig
Abandoned Aeropan Research Rig (AARR)


Dark Eco Mutants


Dark Eco Mutants


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The Abandoned Research Rig is a facility built over Precursor formations. It is also home to the Eco Core. The abandoned research rig is heavily protected by Aeropan air ships and a force field that prevents anyone to attack or try to enter. The research rig was also used to experiment with Dark Eco. The Aeropans used the facility to try to build a new class warrior using Dark Eco but failed and led to the creation of Dark Eco Mutants. Upon entering, Jak finds an experiment table similar to the one shown in Jak 2 and vows to destroy whoever did it. It was later revealed that Tym was a Dark Eco Sage and was the Chief Scientist for the program.


There are two main parts in the Abandoned Research Rig, the study computer, located after walking out of the hangars (ARRH). Then there's the enjection seat, which is located after completing the first half of the ARR Mission.

Study ComputerEdit

This is located after walking out of the ARRH.

Abandoned Research Rig's Enjection SeatEdit

This is located after completing the first half of the ARR Mission, this is very simaller to the Haven's Enjection Seat in Jak II: Renegade.

Ape Expirimentation CenterEdit

This holds 50 gallon tanks of Dark Apes for expirimentation.


Mutant ApesEdit

Dark Eco SpidersEdit